Inflation and its impacts on marine insurance

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Inflation rates in many economies around the world have been on the rise. The Russia-Ukraine war adds to inflationary pressures due to its impact on energy, commodity and food prices. High shipping costs paired with supply chain constraints have furthered fuelled inflation in many countries. Goods and services have thus become more expensive, consequently insurance claims also increase in cost.

For marine lines, the cost of loss is increasing, and the impact of inflation on the adequacy of deductibles and policy limits factors must further be considered.

In this webinar Sean Dalton, Executive Vice President, Head of Marine Underwriting, North America, Munich Re America and a member of IUMI’s Executive Committee and Education Forum, will discuss the impact of inflation on marine insurance. Sean will take questions following his presentation. If you would like to submit any queries prior to the webinar please direct them to



Thursday, 1 December 2022, 15:00-16:00 CEST (Hamburg time)

This webinar is free of charge.


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