Cargo tank coatings: What can go wrong (and how to avoid it)

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Cargo tank coatings on board vessels are used to protect the steel cargo tanks internally from corrosion. During the carriage of chemicals in cargo tanks an equally important aim is to ensure a clear barrier between the coated steel and the cargo to minimize cargo absorption to avoid any contamination of the next cargo carried.

A tank coating should have a smooth surface for easy cleaning. At the same time penetration of the coating by a cargo should be minimised. Corrosion resistance as well as strong adhesion of the coating to the steel are important features of reliable tank coatings, to name but a few.

Cargo tank coatings are used in tanks on a wide range of different vessels types and for carriage of many different products. Failures with cargo tank coatings have frequently been a cause of concern for the maritime industry and marine insurers.

In this webinar Dr Michael Aamodt, Technical Director, Section Head Energy, Infrastructure & Chemicals at Safinah Group, provides an update on key issues related to tank coatings:

  • Introduction to tanker types, cargoes and cargo tank coatings
  • What can go wrong with cargo tank coatings (and how to avoid it)
  • New cargo tank coating technology benefits and risks

Following the presentation Michael took questions from the audience.


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