Challenges for Marine Insurers in Latin America

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This webinar is based on a cooperative effort with the IUMI affiliate ALSUM, the Latin American Association of Marine Underwriters.


Latin America accounts for 10.3% of global marine premiums. In terms of geographical distribution, this is the third largest volume after Europe and Asia. Consisting of 33 countries, Latin America has a population of approx. 659 million people. These numbers provide a snapshot of the diversity this large region entails. It is crucial for marine insurers to be aware of differences and diversity across the continent to account for specific risks. Challenges range from climate and weather-related risks such as the drought impacting the Parana River to significant socio-economic developments in various Latin American countries.

In this webinar Tomás Appleyard, Large & Complex Manager at BARBUSS discuss some of the particular risks relevant for marine insurers who do business in Latin America:

  • Cargo theft
  • Impact of delay
  • Inflation

Tomás’ talk is complemented by Diego Calderón, Marine Underwriter at STARR Companies, who is also a member of the ALSUM Cargo Committee. Diego provides an overview of the key metrics to consider from an insurer’s perspective.


Please click here to access the RECORDING, the SLIDES of Tomás Appleyard and the SLIDES of Diego Calderón.