Fatigue’s effect on seafarers

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Fatigue at sea is a highly topical area of research as the problems of mental health and wellbeing are being increasingly recognised by society. Ships’ crews are under increasing pressure from competitive voyage schedules and have to handle their tasks with fewer crew members. Evidence from accident records and research literature both point to the serious impact that sleepiness and fatigue may have on the safety and welfare of seafarers. “Project Martha” is a research project focussed on the short and long-term effects of fatigue on seafarers.

In this webinar Dr Claire Pekcan, Professor of Maritime Applied Psychology, at the Warsash Maritime Academy of the Southampton Solent University and Dr Mike Barnett, Emeritus Professor at the School of Maritime, Science & Engineering of the Southampton Solent University, dicussed the findings of “Project Martha” and measures aimed to reduce the risk of fatigue. 


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