Flexitanks transports – A critical assessment

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Flexitank transports are becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective and flexible alternative to conventional forms of transport for non-hazardous liquid bulk cargoes. It is estimated that 1.5 million containers per year are currently transported with flexitank systems. There are dozens of suppliers and, accordingly, numerous designs, each with their own set of installation instructions or special features.

As the global transport of goods in flexitanks is growing, the risks due to so-called “leakers” are increasing as well. In addition to product losses, considerable collateral damage, particularly contamination, is likely to occur. Even small deviations from the installation instructions or irregularities in the transport process can lead to the failure of a system and thus to a leak. The determination of the root cause is often difficult and requires a targeted approach as well as meticulous documentation.

In this webinar, Nicolas Gabriel, Divisional Director at Battermann & Tillery Global Marine, discusses potential risks as well as measures to prevent losses related to flexitanks. Following his presentation, participants were invited to participate in a Q&A session. 


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