IUMI Online Hull Tutorial – an introduction and live demo

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This webinar is an opportunity for anyone who is interested to learn more about IUMI’s online hull tutorial and to find out how this self-paced online training programme works in practice. Charlotte Warr from Sarnia Training will introduce the content of the course and showcase how the tool works in a live demo. The 13 modules cover all aspects relevant for hull underwriters, for instance general average and salvage, exclusions, war and strikes as well as operational considerations.

The online tutorial is available to anyone, not only IUMI members. Enrolment is possible at any point in time. The option of taking an online exam with remote invigilation will also be addressed including the styles of questions that can be asked as they are not always multiple choice. The exams will be offered four times per year (once per quarter).

Join us if you would like to receive more information about:

  • The content of the hull tutorial
  • The practical aspects of working through the online modules
  • The online exam with remote invigilation
  • The registration/enrolment process


Please click here to access the recording and the slides