Launch of Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2021

27th October 2021 | Print version

The fourth annual Global Maritime Issues Monitor has been launched today based on a survey of public and private decision makers from six continents and commentary from more than a dozen leaders and experts. The report tracks attitudes regarding some of the critical issues facing the maritime industry.

In the report’s 2021 edition, we look at how issues and perceptions of preparedness have changed over the past year as the industry faced the challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic while shifting attention to environmental and talent issues. We asked, which issues do those in the sector at large view as most likely to occur? Which will have the most impact? How prepared do they see the industry should such events unfold? What steps are needed to meet environmental goals and regulations?

As life and work in a COVID-19-altered world became the norm in 2021, it is not surprising that pandemics dropped from its high ranking among our respondents. Although it’s worth noting that the crew change crisis spawned by the pandemic continues to defy solution and may influence the broader issues relating to workforce skills.

And as environmental issues—from floods to storms to wildfires—grew in severity, the maritime sector increased its focus on sustainability, environmental regulations, and related matters. The focus in 2021 is a shift back to the pre-pandemic world of 2019, when environmental issues led much of the discussion in our survey.

The 2021 Global Maritime Issues Monitor looks at the top global issues identified by survey respondents in terms of likelihood, impact, and preparedness. We also look at talent issues within the industry as organizations seek ways to attract new blood, both on the ground and at sea.

The Global Maritime Forum, Marsh, and IUMI would like to thank those who participated in the survey and give special thanks to the individuals who took the time to provide perspective on the findings and whose comments you will find throughout the report.

The launch event of the 2021 Global Maritime Issues Monitor can be viewed here.