In March 2020, the World Maritime University (WMU), established within the framework of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and IUMI signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding their mutual interests in the field of maritime and oceans, the development of expertise, the protection of the marine environment and the building of capacity worldwide.  

Areas of agreement within the MoU include IUMI’s cooperation in the delivery of WMU’s Marine Insurance Law & Practice Postgraduate Diploma programme. This long-established programme has been comprehensively updated and revised for students joining in 2020. It offers an outstanding academic foundation for professionals in the marine insurance industry to develop their expertise and their careers, as well as professionals planning to move into the field of marine insurance.

The MoU further provides for an IUMI bursary for the WMU's Postgrad Diploma in Marine Insurance Law & Practice. Candidates who successfully pass the IUMI hull exam or the IUMI cargo exam are invited to apply for the bursary which is worth US$ 8,750.

Dr Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, WMU President, hailed the signing of the MoU as an important partnership with industry leaders. “This MoU with the globally recognized International Union of Marine Insurance establishes an invaluable partnership. Experts from both IUMI and WMU will collaborate to deliver the highest standard in marine insurance education for students studying in the WMU Marine Insurance Law & Practice Postgraduate Diploma programme, in particular. WMU students in the Malmö MSc will also benefit from this important capacity building focused partnership.”

Lars Lange, Secretary General of IUMI stated, “A major challenge we face as global marine insurers is a need to bring in new talent. We need high quality, well-educated professionals ready to engage in a constantly evolving business environment that is adjusting to the needs of the digital age. IUMI’s cooperation with the WMU is an enabler to provide excellence in education for marine underwriters from around the world.”

Application process for WMU bursary

Detailed information about the annual application process and the application form for entry in September 2022 can be downloaded HERE.