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IUMI Stockholm Online 2020

The first IUMI online conference concluded on 25 September 2020 when the IUMI flag was handed over by the Swedish hosts to the hosts of the IUMI 2021 conference in Seoul, South Korea. Take a look at the ceremony of the handing over of the flag to the Korean hosts in this moving video. IUMI members can now access the IUMI 2020 Stockholm presentations in the members-only section HERE.

Current Issues

IUMI Stats Report 2019

This is the second in a series of annual reports launched in 2018. Its aim is to present a range of statistical data to help define the maritime sector and, more particularly, the marine insurance market.

Highlights from this year’s analysis includes:

  • A modest single percentage point rise in global marine premiums across all sectors.
  • Continuing uncertainty in national policies, geopolitical tensions, commodity prices and other factors is making the future prospects of the marine insurance market hard to predict.
  • The return of major losses and the increasing accumulation of risk, both onboard ships and ashore, is impacting various lines of business.
  • A steadying of the oil price is encouraging offshore reactivation but this is bringing its own challenges.
  • Fires onboard containerships is a growing concern for hull and cargo underwriters.
  • In general, the marine insurance markets appear to have bottomed-out, with many markets reporting changing underwriting conditions but the prospect of any real market improvement to 2019 results remains uncertain.


The full report is available to download HERE.

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IUMI corporate video

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new corporate video that gives insights into why IUMI is the trusted voice of marine insurance! 

Take a look at what IUMI is about, what we do, who we are, and the value of our organisation.



A thorough and rigorous analysis of the global marine insurance market allows IUMI to deliver authoritative statistics on global premiums and other relevant indicators. IUMI statistics are widely accepted as the most accurate available.


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Professional Partners

To broaden the debate and exchange expertise and ideas within the marine insurance sector, we created the opportunity for those businesses which provide a wide range of services to marine insurers to engage with the IUMI membership on a more formal level.

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IUMI runs a growing education facility which is aimed at raising standards throughout the marine insurance sector through a series of its own seminars and also through its support of courses organised by a range of global insurance centres. 

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