IUMI exam & bursary for WMU postgrad diploma

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Students can choose to take an examination at the end of the Cargo and Hull Tutorial. Given the rigour of the qualification, candidates are advised to thoroughly work through all tutorial modules prior to the exam and to study about 70-90 hours to be sufficiently prepared. The exam consists of 90 questions with a maximum time allowed three hours. Candidates who successfully pass the exam are invited to apply for an IUMI bursary for the Marine Insurance Law & Practice Postgraduate Diploma offered by the World Maritime University. Information about the application process and the application form can be downloaded from our WMU partnership page.

A fee of EUR 90.00 will be charged for the exam. Students who choose to sit the exam and who pass it will be awarded a certificate from IUMI which includes their score. The pass mark for the exam is 65%. Candidates achieving 90% or higher are awarded a certificate with distinction.

The exams are scheduled four times a year (March, June, September, December) and are remotely proctored. This allows candidates anywhere in the world to take the exam from the convenience of their own home or office. Sample questions to provide an overview of the question types are available for download

The exam license must be purchased two weeks prior the exam date.