The Policy Forum is tasked with the responsibility of identifying and monitoring framework related issues of interest to the global marine insurance industry and to propose possible actions and IUMI positions as appropriate. The Forum works closely with the Technical Committees, Member Associations, Affiliates and other industry partners, and reports directly to the Executive Committee.

The Policy Forum publishes a list of current issues with information about all ongoing activities. The issues are selected in view of influencing, supporting or monitoring regulatory discussions and policy actions that reduce risk, support risk carriers and support the international marine (re)insurance market. Position papers are published on several of these issues to clarify the view of marine insurers.

Policy Agenda: Complete List

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Position papers 2020

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Position papers 2019

  • Cargo Theft Prevention - 17 September 2019

    Published September 2019

    Cargo theft is a global challenge with a major negative impact on supply chains and economies around the world. IUMI has an interest in preventing any theft of cargo and therefore encourages measures that reduce the risk of theft. While much is being done by shippers and the insurance industry, measures are also necessary from relevant authorities to help prevent these losses. This paper focuses on their role as well as suggestions for further steps for the prevention of cargo theft to be undertaken by industry stakeholders.


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Position papers 2018

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Position papers 2017

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Position papers 2016

  • Offshore Safety Directive - 14 April 2016

    Published April 2016

    IUMI's position on the European Commission's report on liability, compensation and financial security for offshore oil and gas operations, COM (2015) 422 final which focuses on the implementation of Directive 2013/30/EU, the Offshore Safety Directive (OSD)


  • Catalytic Fines and Engine Damage - 8 March 2016

    Published March 2016

    Cat fines are small particles of metal that are deliberately introduced to 'crack' fuel to improve the efficiency of refining. Unless removed by purification, the cat fines become embedded in engine parts and cause serious and rapid engine damage. This can cause an issue for marine insurers as outlined in this paper.


  • Piracy and its suppression - 29 January 2016

    Published January 2016

    Piracy is one of the world’s oldest and most resilient activities, a crime born out of poverty, social inequality and fuelled where the rule of law is weak. For insurers, piracy is a peril they expect to cover and this paper outlines IUMI's current position on the issue.


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Position papers 2015

  • Loss of ship records - 10 September 2015

    Published September 2015

    There is an increasing tendency for the outgoing technical managers to remove all records from the ship when a vessel changes ownership, leaving the incoming crew and management with very little information on the condition of the ship and the machinery. Having assimilated the problem, IUMI and the Joint Hull Committee in London jointly wrote to the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) with a suggested change to their rules, such that ship maintenance records would be a condition of classification.


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Position papers 2014

  • Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) - 6 November 2014

    Published November 2014

    IUMI has an interest in the negotiations on the Trade in Services Agreement as it has the potential to improve the conditions for global trade in marine and transport insurance services for those already acting globally as well as those hoping to expand their business beyond the borders of the country of their main establishment.


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Position papers 2012

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