IUMI Council

The IUMI Council meets once a year and comprises the appointed Council Members from each Member Association. The Council decides on IUMI finances and audits, general policy issues and elects the IUMI President and Vice Chairs who make up the Executive Committee as well as the IUMI Technical Committee members and the Nominating Committee members.

President and Executive Committee

Once elected, IUMI’s President also becomes Chair of both the Council and the Executive Committee, and presides over all IUMI meetings. He or she is also an ex-officio member of all Technical Committees. The President has the authority to sign for and on behalf of IUMI and coordinates all its activities.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the administration and management of IUMI in accordance with the general policy determined by the Council. The Executive Committee appoints the Secretary General, the Liaison Officers and is entitled to facilitate the formation of Representative Forums. The Executive Committee is limited to six vice-Chairs. President and Vice-Chairs are elected for two years and may be re-elected once for another two years.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee comprises between five and nine members from different Member Association elected by the Council for a limited tenure. This Committee nominates candidates for the posts of President and Vice-Chairs.

Secretary General

The Secretary General and the IUMI Secretariat in Hamburg are responsible for the administrative and financial requirements of IUMI and assist the President and Executive Committee in running the Association. The Secretary General and the IUMI Secretariat work together with the IUMI membership and the IUMI Affiliates on the relevant policy issues at the IMO, EU and elsewhere.

Technical Committees

The Technical Committees are responsible for managing IUMI’s interest in specific areas of the marine insurance industry.

Each Technical Committee comprises representatives from at least three Member Associations elected by the Council. Individuals who serve on these Committees are appointed by their respective Member Associations for election. The tenure of membership is limited to three years, re-election is possible.

There are currently seven permanent committees

  • Cargo
  • Facts and Figures
  • Inland Hull, Fishing Vessels and Yachts
  • Legal and Liability
  • Loss Prevention
  • Ocean Hull
  • Offshore Energy

These Committees follow trends and developments within their respective areas, analyse markets, insurance cover and clauses, losses and loss patterns, loss prevention and current and proposed legislation.

Ad-hoc Committees are established as required.

Representative Forums

The Executive Committee is entitled to found Representative Forums for a limited or unlimited period of time. The Forums shall work on certain special areas of interest for the IUMI membership. There are currently four IUMI Forums:

  • Big Data and Digitalization Forum
  • Education Forum
  • Policy Forum
  • Salvage Forum

Members of the Forums are appointed by the IUMI Executive Committee for a limited tenure. The chairs report to the EC.

Liaison Officers and Observers

IUMI's position as an international organisation within the framework of today's complex maritime marketplace requires it to maintain close relationships with a wide range of governmental and non-governmental organisations and agencies, the so called IUMI Affiliates.

To achieve this, IUMI has appointed a number of Liaison Officers who closely follow the operations of these organisations and report back to the Executive Committee and IUMI Secretariat.