Humidity management during the transport of goods in containers

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This e-learning programme (ELP) about “Humidity management during the transport of goods in containers” is an interactive online learning tool. The student can choose between “unassisted learning” or “guided learning”. The ELP contains six units: 

1)    Container – and their various types
2)    Air as a risk factor 
3)    Causes for damage occurring during transport 
4)    Benefits of the use of humidity tables
5)    Measurement of humidity in the air and in the cargo 
6)    Loss prevention methods

The six units are clearly structured and include short videos, texts, infographics, and case studies. The water droplet “Humy” guides the students throughout the training programme. In addition, a glossary provides an excellent library of the complete content addressed throughout the course. The ELP is available free of charge to IUMI members and all other interested parties. 



Please use the Firefox browser to access the ELP! The ELP is only optimised for Firefox. 


How to start the ELP:  

Click HERE to launch the ELP and to start learning about humidity management!