IUMI supports this online elementary course for newly hired professionals in the marine insurance business. “Marine Insurance Fundamentals” was launched by "The Institutes" in 2017. The Institutes are a U.S. based not-for-profit organisation which provides risk management and property-casualty insurance education, notably the CPCU designation (U.S. equivalent of London’s ACII). The programme was developed to fill an important training need as new employees are hired to replace retiring marine insurance professionals. Instead of trying to teach beginners the nuances of a specific marine market, the course focusses on the global principles of marine insurance. After completing this foundational course, new marine insurance professionals will be in a good place to learn market-specific laws and policy forms as they progress in their careers. This approach to training new marine employees was validated by a panel of experts who thoroughly reviewed the course.

The main topics covered in the course include cargo, hull, P&I, recreational watercraft, marine underwriting and marine claims. The online, self-study content is supplemented with an online quiz for each of the six assignments and an online final exam. An electronic certificate is generated and sent to the student via e-mail once the course has been completed. Most students can complete the course in 8 to 14 hours. The course is offered for the modest registration fee of USD 92.00.

IUMI is pleased to support this programme which can be considered a key orientation piece for new marine employees.  

For more information and to sign up for “Marine Insurance Fundamentals” please contact: