Thorough education of the workforce is a fundamental pillar for the future of any business. Successful training and development provides both the company as a whole and the individual employees with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.

IUMI members acknowledge the importance of suitable training programmes and the demand for marine insurance educational tools. Only a well-educated next generation of underwriting and claims professionals will be in a position to address the challenges of our markets. Hence, the establishment of a comprehensive training scheme was recognised as a core objective of IUMI’s activities.

To respond to these requirements IUMI’s Education Forum was founded in September 2016. The Forum  comprises marine insurance experts from around the world who share ideas and advance IUMI’s education initiatives.

Our education programme aims to identify the needs of the global marine insurance industry and to develop and implement practical and valuable content for training purposes. Following a wide-ranging questionnaire among our members, the findings led to five focus areas:

  1. Webinars on specific topics of interest
  2. Online tutorials, i.e. self-study courses
  3. In-class instruction
  4. Information about national education initiatives: Click "Education / Education Worldwide" to view programmes of various IUMI member associations.
  5. Online database to make content such as conference presentations, technical guidance papers, and general insurance clauses permanently accessible. Click "Education / Education Database" to access this information.