New cyber risk DVD from Steamship Mututal

By Insurance Marine News, 23rd January 2017 | Print version

As part of Steamship Mutual’s loss prevention initiatives, the Club has released its latest DVD ‘Cyber Security: Smart, Safe Shipping’ highlighting the implications of a potential cyber security breach for a shipping company.

Steamship noted that cyber risk was not confined to shore-based operations. "Commercial ships are becoming progressively more dependent upon computers to operate and control various shipboard systems. These systems may be integrated, and the ability for ships to connect to the internet is growing as the communication demand grows. As with computers ashore, shipboard systems are equally vulnerable to cyber-attack. If a vessel’s systems is be compromised, the effect of that could be considerably more serious than would be the case ashore", Steamship said.

As with previous productions, the DVD-ROM has been produced by Callisto Productions Ltd of Aberdeen with the financial support of The Ship Safety Trust.
The Cyber Security: Smart, Safe Shipping DVD will be distributed to Club members. 

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