New IACS / IUMI Technical Cooperation Group founded

By Lars Lange, IUMI Secretary General

The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) and IUMI have strong common roots. Marine insurers rely on the classification societies’ judgement about a ship’s condition and quality, and the approvals of design and conditions. In return, marine insurance strongly collaborates with classification societies to achieve the overarching goal of safe shipping. IACS and IUMI are already allied with a number of committees, working groups and meetings.


With this in mind, IACS and IUMI decided to create a new bilateral body - the IACS IUMI Technical Cooperation Group. Members of the group are high level representatives from IACS such as the GPG chairman, the IACS Cyber Panel, Safety Panel and Machinery Panel chair as well as senior representatives from the IACS Permanent Secretariat. IUMI is represented by Political Forum Chair Helle Hammer, IUMI Secretary General Lars Lange and a number of high level technical experts from the marine insurance industry from Norway, Denmark, the UK and China.


The first meeting took place in London on 6 June 2017. Topics such as cat fines/low sulphur fuel, cyber safety, fires on roro decks as well as on container vessels, loss of ship records and the future of autonomous shipping were raised and considered for stronger collaboration between classification societies and marine insurers.