Successful Marine Insurance Conference in Singapore

By Lars Lange, IUMI Secretary General

In August 2016, the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) formed a new Marine Insurance Committee (MIC) to promote Singapore as marine insurance hub. Michael Gourlay of MISIG Insurance is the acting MIC chair. The MIC aims to improve understanding and enhance commitment to its members through forums with a view to upskilling and updating members. On a global level, the MIC aims to develop its relationship with IUMI.

During Singapore Maritime Week in April 2017, GIA of Singapore launched the first marine insurance market conference of the MIC with more than 100 attendees. IUMI Secretary General Lars Lange was kindly invited to deliver a welcome address on behalf of IUMI. In his remarks, Lars emphasised out the strong partnership between GIA of Singapore and IUMI.

Two new GIA representatives, Rama Chandran and Paul Hackett, were recently elected as new members of the IUMI Ocean Hull and Facts & Figures committees respectively. Linking with IUMI’s strategy to enhance its presence in Asia, IUMI decided, together with the GIA of Singapore, to organise IUMI’s first local Asian market conference, co-hosted by GIA of Singapore, on 24-25 April 2018 during the next Singapore Maritime Week.

(second left Paul Hackett, fourth left Rama Chandran, fourth right Michael Gourlay)