GEOSOSTA, the web portal dedicated to heavy transport users

By Cristina Castellini Associate ANIA, Marine and Aviation Manager

Road transport, at a European level, accounts for 75% of global traffic; in Italy, this percentage is significantly higher (over 85%). The European Commission intervened on professional transport by establishing some common rules on entry to the profession and the market, on working hours, driving times and rest periods, and on the use of the digital tachograph. It has also undertaken a series of initiatives to encourage the increase and qualitative development of the parking areas for road hauliers. A study on safe parking for trucks, promoted by the Commission, revealed a general shortage at a European level of adequate structures. ANIA (Italian National Association of Insurance Companies) has always been sensitive to this problem; the first "ANIA list of parking areas for trucks in Italy" was created in 1983, followed by regular updates over the years, gradually responding to more sophisticated criteria.

The creation of GEOSOSTA, the web portal integrated with a cartographic system, dates back to 2007; it allows, already during the route planning phase, to identify and display the location, the safety measures and the services offered in the stop areas and guarded parking areas in Italy, located along the road and motorway network and near the main ports.

The haulier may, therefore, plan stops in a safe condition as well as respect the times of rest required by the European legislation. 

Recently ANIA has concluded the complicated and lengthy process of revising the previously surveyed structures within the portal and, even more onerous, finding new facilities.

The resulting picture highlights shortcomings in general and, particularly in some regions where adequate structures do not seem to exist.

ANIA, however, intends to continue promoting the initiative - which does not entail any burden either for road haulier or for the structures that will be involved in the investigation - and, for this purpose, would like to interest the associations of the road transport sector and, internationally, of the transport insurers through Insurance Europe and IUMI.


For more info, please visit the GEOSOSTA portal and have a look at the BROCHURE.