Frozen food – what cargo underwriters should be aware of

19 March 2024

Frozen foods must be maintained at the correct temperature during transportation, as temperature fluctuations can cause losses. Transport logistics must therefore be organized to ensure that a controlled temperature range can be maintained from initial loading to destination. Breaks in the cold chain can render the product unfit for human consumption and even pose a health risk. Damage to frozen food can reduce or eliminate its commercial value, potentially leading to significant claims.

Marc Schuling, Marine Special Practice Group Leader in Sedgwick's Major & Complex Loss Department and and his colleague Jeff Peters, Marine Surveyer at Sedwick in Boston, USA, discussed the various steps involved in cold chain (container) logistics. They addressed common pitfalls and risks that cargo underwriters should be aware of to avoid potential claims. Their presentation is followed by a question and answer session with the audience.

Please click here to access the recording and the slides.