Poseidon Principles for Marine Insurance two years in: What’s been done and what is ahead

05 December 2023

Decarbonisation of shipping is one of today’s biggest challenges in the maritime industry. All companies in the marine sector need to play their part to support the transition toward net zero emissions and marine insurers are no exception. To improve an organisation’s footprint, it is crucial to start with measuring and assessing one’s own emissions.

This is the approach the Poseidon Principles for Marine Insurance (PPMI) have taken. Insurers who have signed up to the PPMI agree to assess and disclose the carbon emissions of their Hull & Machinery portfolios. The annual emissions of the signatories’ insured fleets will then be compared to international climate goals set by the Paris Agreement and the IMO. This assessment is the crucial first step to reduce the signatories’ carbon footprint. IUMI endorses this important initiative and is a Supporting Partner of the PPMI.

The first Annual Disclosure Report of the Poseidon Principles for Marine Insurance was published in 2023. The data serves as a stepping-stone for the Signatories to engage their clients in a discussion about climate change, technology, and new risks.

In this webinar three experts who have been involved in the PPMI from the outset share their perspectives on what the PPMI are, how the PPMI work, and how they will evolve over time:

  • Patrizia Kern, Marine Strategy Consultant – CEO Office, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions & Chair, PPMI
  • Sigvald Fossum, Vice President, Head of Analytics, Gard AS
  • Morgane Graffion, Poseidon Principles Secretariat, Global Maritime Forum


Click here to access the SLIDES and here for the RECORDING.