Warehouse inspections and full risk assessments in Africa

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Warehouse safety and security are important aspects for marine underwriters to consider and thorough risk assessments are crucial to ensure appropriate levels of safety and security are in place. Regional differences must be reflected in the safety protocols for any depots or storage areas.

In this webinar Caroline Paul, Manager at DPS Africa (Senegal) and Mike Brews, IUMI Cargo Committee Vice-Chair & Underwriting Manager at Horizon Underwriting Managers, are discussing key elements of a comprehensive risk assessment for warehouses in Africa.

Caroline Paul has developed a tailor-made programme for warehouse inspections on the African continent, taking into account the particularities and specific risks involved. Her presentation provides an overview of the types of warehouses and cargoes, particular risks as well as prevention measures.


Please click here to access the RECORDING, the SLIDES of Caroline Paul and the SLIDES of Mike Brews.