People at IUMI – Donald Harrell

How long have you been associated with IUMI?
I attended my first IUMI conference in 2000, and following my move to Paris in 2003 I have been to almost every conference since then. I joined the Facts & Figure Committee a year ago.

What is your IUMI role today and what does it involve?
I am currently the Chairman of the Facts & Figures Committee. I oversee and represent the committee to all the members within IUMI. The committee provides an overview of key marine insurance statistical information and analytics, and we consolidate all the figures and analytics that come with that. We also undertake special projects depending on what IUMI and other committee members need at any particular time.

And what is your day job?
Head of International Insurance and Global Head of Marine for Aspen Insurance.

What benefits do you get from being associated with IUMI? 
Personally, it is being part of and participating in the industry that I am working within, both in terms of helping to make the industry better and by providing information that is relevant to the marine industry and related sectors. It is about providing leadership within marine insurance and the wider industry.

If you could change anything at IUMI what would it be?
I would like to see an improvement in the active involvement of the member associations to bring more into IUMI versus an expectation to take.  There are many organisations that make up IUMI but many do not do enough to help make IUMI stronger and better. We currently have a situation where a small number of people do most of the work, when it could be many.

How did you reach your current position in marine insurance?
I’ve spent my entire career in marine insurance, so career progression and personal experiences have allowed me to reach my current position.  It is a combination of proactively managing my own career and taking risks throughout my career that have given me the experience to be a better manager. I have lived in five countries in four different continents over 25 years and if I hadn’t taken these personal and professional opportunities I would not have the wide knowledge that I have today.

And what do you do away from the office? I like to ski, play tennis and football. I spend as much time as I can with my children. I have a keen interest in travelling and learning about different cultures. I find that business is much more interesting if you actively learn about people and different cultures. 

Anything else you’d like to add?
As the new Chairman of the Facts & Figures Committee I hope to bring a deeper knowledge of trends, analytics and information relevant to all our associate members; to help better educate underwriters around the world and assist them to make better underwriting and management decisions to benefit the industry as a whole.

Donald Harrell