IUMI online cargo tutorial is taking off – be part of it!

By Hendrike Kühl, IUMI Policy Director

Our very first online tutorial was launched in August this year and we currently have an eager bunch of students working through the contents of the eleven modules of the cargo tutorial. The feedback we received so far has been very positive and several students have already finished working through the programme.

The course has been set up so that it is suitable for new as well as more experienced underwriters. New marine cargo professionals who are “freshers” in this line of business and who have no knowledge at all will receive an excellent overview. The student activities in particular will help to gain a greater knowledge of their own business.

Individuals who will benefit most from the cargo tutorial are those who have approximately three to five years’ experience and have had some exposure to the book of business that their insurer is writing. For them the opportunity to ask questions and think about what they are seeing and doing within their own organisation will be greater, and they will derive additional benefit overall through application and reinforcement of existing knowledge as well as gaining fresh information.

The tutorial can also be viewed as a relevant source of information by senior underwriters who wish to refresh a single topic such as stock throughput or trade clauses, etc. 

On top of the actual content, we offer an online exam which can be taken once per quarter. The exam is based on a variety of question types (not only multiple choice). Our exams are supervised by a remote administrator to make sure no “external help” is used during the test. Students who choose to sit the exam and who pass it will be awarded a certificate from IUMI which includes their score. The pass mark is 70%, a certificate with distinction will be awarded to students who achieve 90% or higher.

Do you have any questions about the cargo tutorial? Please contact me at and I will happily help.