Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2019 – biggest issues on decision-makers’ agenda

The Global Maritime Forum, Marsh JLT Speciality and IUMI recently published the second Global Maritime Issues Monitor. The highly anticipated 2019 edition showed that senior leaders in the maritime sector anticipate environmental and climate related issues to have a major impact on the maritime industry in the coming decade.

Survey respondents from 46 different countries around the world highlight ‘decarbonization of shipping’, ‘new environmental regulation’, ‘societal demands for sustainability’, and ‘failure of climate-change mitigation and adoption’ as four of the top 10 issues in terms of potential impact on the maritime industry.

Environmental, economic, geopolitical, and digital areas also attract attention when top issues regarding likelihood, impact and preparedness are compared. For the second consecutive year, a potential ‘global economic crisis’ is thought to be the issue to have the greatest impact over the next ten years. It is also the one issue the industry is least prepared for, although it considers the event relatively unlikely. Likewise, ‘cyber-attacks and data theft’ remain a top concern for the industry.

For the full Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2019 please click HERE to download.