Announcement of IUMI Committee Changes

IUMI is pleased to announce the following elections and re-elections to the IUMI Executive Committee during the – virtual – IUMI Council Meeting in autumn 2020:

•       Re-Election of President Richard Turner, United Kingdom (IUA)

•       Election of Anneke Kooiman, Netherlands (Verbond van Verzekeraars),

•       Re-Election of Frédéric Denèfle, France (FFA),

•       Re-Election of Jan-Hugo Marthinsen, Norway (Cefor),

•       Re-Election of Michael McKenna, USA (AIMU).

Patrizia Kern-Ferretti, Switzerland (SVV), is leaving the Executive Committee.

Changes to the IUMI Nominating Committee 2020/2021:

•       Election of Patrizia Kern-Ferretti, Switzerland (SVV).

•       Re-Election of Lars Rhodin, Sweden (Cefor).

•       Re-Election of Alessandro Morelli, Italy (ANIA).

Dieter Berg, Germany (GDV), is leaving after the Stockholm 2020 Annual Conference.

Mike Davies, Singapore (GIA of Singapore), is leaving after the Stockholm 2020 Annual Conference. 

Changes of the (Vice) Chairpersons of the Technical Committees:

Cargo Committee: Sean Dalton has stepped down and the new Chairperson is Isabelle Therrien from Canada, Vice Chairperson is Matthew O’Sullivan from Australia. Sean Dalton has been elected as member of the Policy Forum in March 2020.

Offshore Energy Committee: James McDonald has stepped down and the new Chairperson is Frank Streidl from the UK, Vice Chairperson is Melanie Raven who is from the UK as well. James McDonald remains on the Offshore Energy Committee as a member.

Inland Hull, Fishing & Yachts Committee: Anneke Kooiman has stepped down and the new Chairperson is Hilton Adams from South Africa. Vice Chairperson is Tore Høisæther from Norway. Anneke has been elected as a member of the IUMI Executive Committee.


To all we would like to say congratulations and wish you every success!