Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2020

The highly anticipated third instalment of the Global Maritime Issues Monitor has recently been circulated and is available here for download []. Published in collaboration with the Global Maritime Forum, Marsh JLT Speciality and IUMI, this year’s edition showed that global economic crisis tops the concerns of maritime decision makers. Environmental and climate related issues continue to stay high on the agenda as having a major impact on the maritime industry in the coming decade despite the current pandemic.

According to the publication the maritime industry is not prepared for future pandemics. 2020 is the first year where pandemics are listed as an issue in the annual ranking and immediately received the lowest preparedness score. There is a special focus on how COVID-19 will affect the maritime industry in the next 10 years, and the coronavirus pandemic has revealed a number of weaknesses in the maritime value chain, including the inability to protect seafarers’ wellbeing.

Climate change, decarbonization of shipping, and new environmental regulation increased in the rankings of impact, likelihood, and preparedness. Leaders perceive new environmental regulation as the most likely issue to occur in the coming 10 years. The decarbonization of shipping takes second position in the impact ranking. Its impact is only perceived as slightly lower than a global economic crisis.

Digitalization is an issue that has been proved by COVID-19 to be a shortcoming in the maritime industry. Leaders consider the industry unprepared for issues such as autonomous technology, cyber-attacks and data theft, and big data and artificial intelligence.

The Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2020 is based on research among senior maritime stakeholders from six continents, and their perceptions of the impact, likelihood, and preparedness on 19 global issues potentially affecting the global maritime industry in the next ten years. The report also investigates the implication of the COVID-19 pandemic and includes commentary from more than a dozen leaders and experts. Please click HERE for the full report.