Paris MoU to make inspection data in bulk available again

By Lars Lange, IUMI Secretary-General

A number of the maritime industry organisations, including IUMI, had expressed concern with regard to the Paris MoU on Port State Control with regard to the restriction which was put in place on the electronic distribution of ship inspection and detention data in bulk format two years ago. The data had been used for many years to facilitate safety and loss prevention and to identify those vessels that had either been detained or found to have multiple deficiencies.

The decision taken during the Paris MoU’s 53rd Committee meeting which was held virtually from 28 September to 2 October 2020 to share inspection data in bulk to registered users again was therefore expressly welcomed by IUMI. More detailed information when this data will be available and how to access it will be published by Paris MoU on their website in due course.

From an insurance perspective, the data is of particular importance for risk assessment since insurers use advanced risk models with a number of factors incorporated when assessing a risk. One essential part of this risk modelling is information from Port State Controls, as the number of detentions may indicate an increased risk of future casualties. Access to such data in an easily accessible format not only adds value in identifying risk, it also fosters dialogue to prevent any potential casualties from happening. For this reason IUMI is delighted that Paris MoU took the decision to make this important data available again next year.