IUMI welcomes new IUMI Committee members

It is with great pleasure that we announce the new members of the IUMI Technical Committees, Executive Committee and Nominating Committee. Please join us in thanking each and every one for volunteering their time and expertise to be a part of IUMI.

Facts & Figures – Kotaro Miyata, Japan / Xiaoxuan (Sherwin) Li, China / Bruno Davila-Garcis, UK

Cargo Committee – Shirley Hung, Hong Kong / Qing Shang, China

Ocean Hull Committee – Jonny Moss, UK / Dimas Ortuzar, Italy / Tomoyuki Takeuchi, Japan / Qi Ge, China

Inland Hull, Fishing and Yacht Committee – Mathias Ebersson, Sweden

Offshore Energy Committee – David Cosserat, France / Xiaohui Cheng, China

Legal & Liability Committee – Bharat Virmani, India

Loss Prevention Committee – Stefan Seniow, Belgium / Shan Shao, China


Executive Committee – Kosuke Hashimoto, Japan, and Timothy Lee, Hong Kong, have been re-elected for another two years.

Nominating Committee - Paul Hackett, Singapore / Patrizia Kern, member of IUMI’s Executive Committee, has been elected as the new Chair. Michael Csorba, USA, was also re-elected for another two years.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Alessandro Morelli, who is retiring, for his many years of service on IUMI’s Nominating Committee as Chair, as well as being a past member of the Loss Prevention Committee, the Loss Prevention Committee Chair and a member of the Executive Committee. His commitment and input to the organisation over the years has been invaluable and greatly appreciated.