Learning with IUMI and the WMU – a student’s perspective

By Satoshi HASHIBA, MBA, PGDip, Senior Deputy Manager, Marine Hull & Energy Underwriting Section, Marine Hull & Energy Underwriting Department, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc

In 2021 I learned about the IUMI Hull/Cargo Online Tutorial and also about the bursary for Marine Insurance Law & Practice Postgraduate Diploma programme from the World Maritime University (WMU). I was intrigued by the learning concept and the studying style: classes are via webinar, and the e-learning platform enables you to learn wherever you are, whenever convenient. This style suits me as I have a full-time job and the beauty of both programmes is that you can immediately use the learnt expertise in your daily job.

As I planned to apply for the bursary, I began preparing my eligibility. I intentionally chose the IUMI Cargo Tutorial although my background is hull. On reflection, this decision helped me a lot because WMU organizes the programme assuming you are already familiar with both hull and cargo. I referred to the tutorial material whenever I had difficulty in understanding cargo insurance, so the tutorial always helped me while I was progressing through the course.

The WMU programme deals with both the fundamentals and state-of-the-art practices. The presented five modules provide exactly what every maritime practitioner should know: principle, coverage, P&I, reinsurance and claims management. The contents were succinct but comprehensive.

Each module consists of eight weeks learning. At the start date, you have access to the module content on the e-learning portal. There are no online classes, so you can study at your own pace. This does not mean you are alone: you can ask any questions and contact classmates through the portal. The feedback from the faculty/administration is swift. In addition, the quality of reference material (such as free access to i-law or Lloyd’s List Intelligence) was great. The programme was intellectually tough enough for me to realise my full potential and I found that I could overcome any difficulties by taking the initiative. Intellectually, I enjoyed all the modules and was awarded straight As, GPA 3.77.

I would like to pass my deep appreciation to IUMI to have awarded me the bursary and which enabled me to open new doors. At the same time, I highly recommend every maritime industry practitioner, including but not limited to those working in insurance, to take the IUMI Online Tutorial and to gain an essential overview on how your job contributes to the wider world.