ISU Associate Members’ Day

By Lars Lange, IUMI Secretary General

The International Salvage Union (ISU) has become a close partner of IUMI. Many topics and issues within shipping are relevant for both associations and are equally relevant to their membership. For example, proper rules and regulations to be put in place for ships in distress seeking a place of refuge; the prevention of fires on container and roro vessels; and the misdeclaration of cargo in containers that result in serious incidents.


During the recent ISU annual Associate Members’ Day on 14 March 2018 in London, IUMI Secretary General Lars Lange had the opportunity to address the ISU membership and their associate partners. He explained IUMI’s views, amongst others, on fires on container and roro vessels. All stakeholders should ensure that the ships are sufficiently equipped to address a fire in a safe, quick and coordinated manner. Additionally, the crew has to be trained and equipped to deal with these measures. Lars also explained IUMI’s endeavors to prepare insurers for the challenges posed by the digitalisation of shipping and logistics and – connected to this – additional cyber threats. Pro-active risk assessment has, in the insurer’s view, to be put in place.