IUMI continues close cooperation with class

By Lars Lange, IUMI Secretary General

Classification societies and their work is extremely important to the role of marine insurers, and vice-versa. Accordingly, IUMI has a close collaboration with the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). This cooperation has already been recognised during annual meetings between IUMI representatives and the IACS Chair, and through annual invitations to IACS Council meetings together with industry representatives. Additionally, IUMI has a seat on the Advisory Committee to the IACS Quality Certification Scheme (QSCS).


Recently, two new founded working bodies further enhanced the close collaboration. One is an annual technical cooperation meeting between senior IACS officers and industry representatives from various organisations such as IUMI. The other is a bilateral annual technical cooperation meeting between IACS and IUMI representatives. These meetings give opportunity to raise specific technical challenges which are relevant for industry representatives and which IACS might take into account in its work on guiding class rules such as recommendations, unified requirements (UR) or unified interpretations (UI) for the member associations.


A second meeting between IACS and IUMI in May 2018 touched on issues such as testing requirements for safety critical equipment, condition-based maintenance and fire risks due to leakage from low-pressure fuel pipes.