People at IUMI – Anneke Kooiman

How long have you been associated with IUMI?

I have been actively involved as a member of the Inland Fishing and Yacht (IFY) committee since 2013.


What is your IUMI role today and what does it involve?

Since September 2017 I have assumed the role of the Chair of the IFY committee. The role involves the IFY secretary, Marko van Leeuwen, and myself organising the IFY meetings. Together we try to inspire our committee members to participate actively, involving them greatly in the organisation of the IUMI workshops at the annual conference.


And what is your day job?

I am the Underwriting Manager Marine at Delta Lloyd Schadeverzekering, which is now part of the NN (Nationale-Nederlanden) Group N.V. In addition, to that I am Chair of the Marine Platform of the Dutch Association of Insurers and a board member of the IVR, an affiliate of IUMIs that focus on the inland hull market. I am also actively involved in everything related to the marine co-insurance market, such as education initiatives for example.


What benefits do you get from being associated with IUMI? 

Firstly it gives me lots of energy. I also get to meet people from all over the world, build on my knowledge, and gaining even greater awareness of all the issues and challenges we are facing today and in the future. I can use this wealth of information in my daily business. 


If you could change anything at IUMI what would it be?

That everyone attending the IUMI workshops were more actively involved – to care and share more. I would like the people to do something with the message they receive and to be leaders in their market. A lot of the marine underwriters do not have the opportunity to visit the IUMI conference and the knowledge gained at this event should be valued.


How did you reach your current position in marine insurance?

By working very hard! I also studied for seven years in the evening to acquire all my qualifications, including General Liability and Underwriting Agent. Additionally, I am always there when somebody needs my help, I would never say no, which has served me well.


 And what do you do away from the office?

When I was young I did a lot of sailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, running and I had a Moto Guzzi which I loved to ride. Now however works keeps me busy, as does my house which is 100 years old and my 18-year-old son. We both like to go out shopping, look after our two cats from Crete and a French bulldog.

I also look after friends and family who need my help when it is necessary - which over the last five years happens more and more often. I volunteered at the refugee project here in my home town and take care of one of my neighbours down the road.

Finally I love to cook and organize dinner parties for my family, friends and neighbours. Somehow I cannot stop inviting people, I start with six and end up with 12 round the table. But I always cook too much anyway.

So in three words: work, caretaking and cooking.