10 years of the Latin American Association of Marine Underwriters!

By Natalia Mejia-Hincapie, Head of Communications, ALSUM

On 6 May 2011, we finished drafting the statutes of ALSUM, the association that currently represents and trains the marine underwriters’ network in Latin America.

We have completed 10 years of constant work as an Association, materialising the dream of a group of visionaries who saw the need to join efforts and raise the quality of cargo and hull insurance underwriting in Latin America. It was through the generous and impartial contribution of ideas, time, and enthusiasm of our founders that today the marine insurance community with operations in our region can count on a world-class training and networking platform, demonstrating the power of working together for the best underwriting practices.


In these 10 years we have achieved:

• 70 affiliates from 12 countries.

• Eight annual conferences held.

• 10,000 participants trained in forums and webinars.

• Two in-depth underwriting accreditation courses in cargo and hull insurance.

• 14 edited magazines.

• 5,000 subscribers to our information services.

• Four technical documents issued.

• 10 years of Marine’s premium and claims statistics.

• One Cargo Insurance Handbook

• More than 500 titles collected from marine-related topics in our digital library.

• Associate affiliation to IUMI.


Today we continue to adapt our strategies to improve training and offer professional development options at fair prices, promoting best market practices and consolidating a diverse Latin American network to exchange information, broaden knowledge, create strategic alliances and new business development.

In 2021, our efforts are focused on expanding digitally - offering services through three objectives: to strengthen training plans, to expand networking strategies, and to develop a hybrid conference. In addition to delivering on these objectives, this year we have the challenge of continuing to consolidate the other action lines that over 10 years have allowed us to position ourselves as the main body in Latin America to achieve world-class marine insurance underwriting.

To share our joy with you we have prepared a video for our 10th birthday - you can watch it HERE.

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