Message from the President: Virtual environment

Welcome to the latest edition of the IUMI Eye publication.

It is an ongoing reflection of the COVID pandemic that travel is proving difficult and IUMI’s activities remain firmly in an ‘online’ setting. Sadly, and for the second year running, this means we shall be unable to hold a physical conference in Seoul. Instead, IUMI will be re-running the incredibly successful format that we piloted for the 2020 Stockholm conference. Registration is already open for applications ( – for both members and non-members - so please take a closer look at what is a true highlight of the marine insurance calendar.

The pandemic has had quite an impact on the working of our industry. So many of us have been working from home for well over a year. Out of necessity, remote working has encouraged the faster deployment of digital technology across our sector. It feels to me that not only is this an irreversible trend, it is an exciting one too. The emerging technologies have the potential to transform how our sector operates, the coverage that we provide and the service that we offer. Yet the human factor still matters to. I feel strongly that it is those entities best able to combine the science of data with the art of people judgement, who will be the ones who emerge stronger from this revolutionary phase.

IUMI has supported, and in some ways helped to catalyse, the adoption of a more digital age in marine insurance, by creating a Data and Digitalisation Forum, chaired by Patrizia Kern (Swiss Re). This is a unique forum, bringing together software and data experts with experienced insurance practitioners. The role of the working group is not to dictate the future pathway for the sector or to come up with recommended systems. Instead, it focusses its time on discussing the emerging opportunities and thinking about their potential application in the insurance space. The Data and Digitalisation Forum now has its own slot at our main Seoul conference, so there will be an opportunity to hear from a number of industry experts at our annual conference this September.

Enjoy the magazine. Stay safe and well.