IUMI Education Programme: Full speed ahead in 2017

By Hendrike Kühl, Policy Director, IUMI

Following the successful launch of our webinar programme in 2016, IUMI’s Education Forum will meet at the IUMI Spring Meeting in March to move forward with our online courses strategy. These courses will be in the form of self-paced online learning with several interactive modules and tests. The first programmes are likely to address hull and cargo insurance. In the future additional topics will be added.

The webinars are continuing this year with a very interesting line up. The first webinar of the year, which took place on 21 February 2017, looked at risks associated with the liquefaction of certain cargo types. The slides and recording are available here:

Further webinars are being scheduled throughout the year and will include sessions on general average, piracy, and offshore energy. Please check our webinar schedule and registration page to learn more: