IUMI to become member of EU Stakeholders Group on Maritime Security

By Eric De Smet, Manager Marine & Transport, Baloise Insurance and IUMI Political Forum Member

Following up on our introductory meeting with DG Move’s Security Unit in October 2016, IUMI has become a member of the European Commission’s Stakeholders Advisory Group on Maritime Security (SAGMAS). The SAGMAS meetings provide a platform for interested stakeholders to express their views on ongoing regulatory work as well as emerging issues relevant to the maritime industry.

Members of the group need to be either European or international organisations with a professional interest in the subject of maritime security. As a member of IUMI’s Political Forum and Manager for Marine & Transport at Baloise Insurance, I represent IUMI at the meetings. In November 2016, the agenda included a debrief on the ongoing work at the IMO Maritime Safety Committee’s 97th session, as well as a discussion about the security of cruise ships.

The second meeting attended by IUMI took place on 1 February 2017. On this occasion the ICC International Maritime Bureau’s annual report on piracy, security concerns in the Red Sea as well as security of cruise ships were discussed. IUMI members are invited to share with the secretariat specific topics which they would like to raise in the meeting.