Welcome to IUMI!

By Hendrike Kühl, IUMI Policy Director

We are excited to welcome 21 new members to IUMI’s Technical Committees (TCs)! Following last year’s elections we had a large number of applicants for the vacant seats on the seven committees. The new members bring a vast range of expertise to the table which will be hugely valuable to the work of the TCs. We are grateful to each and every one’s commitment and support to advance IUMI’s work and we look forward to working with all of the 21 new members!

Facts & Figures Committee

  • Robert Copp, USA, AIMU
  • Stephan Klein, Germany, GDV
  • Emiel Paaij, Netherlands, Verbond van Verzekeraars
  • Atsushi Tabata, Japan, GIAJ


Cargo Committee

  • Sibesh Sen, India, GIC of India
  • Tom Shinya, Japan, GIAJ


Ocean Hull Committee

  • Stuart Forsyth, United Kingdom, IUA
  • Nobutsuna (Nobu) Kamata, Japan, GIAJ
  • Danke Li, China, SIMI
  • Arne Linke, Germany, GDV
  • Jeff Loechner, USA, AIMU


Loss Prevention Committee

  • Roberto Spanu, Italy, ANIA
  • Li Zhou, China, SIMI


Inland, Fishing Vessels and Yachts (IFY) Committee

  • Edmund Kann, Hong Kong, HKFI
  • Richard Salway, USA, AIMU
  • Margaret Zaccaria, Italy, ANIA


Offshore Energy Committee

  • Lisa Chines, USA, AIMU
  • Georg Nygaard, Nordic, Cefor


Legal & Liability Committee

  • Frederic Becard, France, FFA
  • Tim Howse, Nordic, Cefor


Education Forum

  • Sanjiv Singh, India, GIC of India