IUMI Winter Meeting returns to in-person

By Lars Lange, IUMI Secretary General

In early February, the IUMI Executive Committee and the Chairs of the IUMI Technical Committees and Forums convened in London for the Annual Winter Meeting, which was kindly hosted by the IUA. A number of the attendees were still not able to travel to London due to travel restrictions and dialed into the meeting, but a considerable part of the group was able to meet in person in London.

A number of key topics were on the agenda:

  • The IUMI Executive Committee (EC) started a new strategy debate “IUMI 2030”, in September 2021. EC members prepared six proposed work streams for the EC’s consideration during the Winter Meeting. The target is to develop IUMI further, based on the successful work of the last ten years, maintaining the achievements already made. The six work streams are; 1) IUMI tasks and purposes, 2) IUMI finances and funding, 3) IUMI organisation, 4) IUMI people and diversity, 5) IUMI membership, and 6) IUMI events. The EC aims to hand over in September 2022 a robust set of concrete proposals to the new EC after Chicago for final consideration and implementation. The membership will be actively involved in the decision-making process.


  • Final decisions on the revision of the IUMI Articles of Association were made, based on the successful work of the Working Group founded in May 2021. The final draft will be sent to member associations for comments and input, before a final decision on the revision be taken by the IUMI Council in September 2022 in Chicago.


  • First content decisions for the IUMI Chicago conference in September 2022 ( were taken. The common theme was agreed as “Adapting to a world in transition”.


  • IUMI’s lobbying and advocacy agenda, in close cooperation with the IUMI Policy Forum, was discussed and adjusted, and contacts and networks for this purpose were revisited. This was done with the purpose of having a streamlined advocacy agenda to ensure all relevant topics are covered, priorities set correctly and to ensure the best possible support for the industry.


  • IUMI finances 2021 were approved and the budget for 2022 was agreed. The financial results for 2021 were very positive despite the pandemic and will be introduced to the Chicago conference by the IUMI Secretary General.


  • IUMI wishes to strengthen the work of its Salvage Forum. A working group was founded, and challenges and targets were discussed together with the Chair Phil Norwood. Moreover, documents regarding Comité Maritime International’s (CMI) General Average Guidelines and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the International Group on incident coordination were approved.


  • Communication is of the utmost importance for IUMI’s visibility and success. The existing IUMI communication strategy had been developed in 2015. Together with IUMI’s PR partner Navigate the Winter Meeting agreed on key targets for a revised IUMI communication strategy, incorporating the more diverse media and communication landscape.


  • Based on the work of the newly founded IUMI ESG/Sustainability Working Group, the EC acknowledged milestones achieved and decided on further strategy and key targets. The Poseidon Principles for Marine Insurance, where IUMI is a supporting partner, were discussed as well.