People at IUMI: Jun Lin, Chair, IUMI Facts & Figures Committee and Head of Portfolio & Business Development at Gard AS

How long have you been associated with IUMI?

I joined IUMI in 2017 but followed the IUMI publications much earlier.


What is your IUMI role today, and what does it involve?

I currently chair the Facts and Figures Committee. With the help of IUMI’s key professional information providers, the Committee has an important role in collating and interpreting high-level statistics and trends relating to the marine and energy insurance industry. The published statistics are often regarded as the industry’s most authoritative and are regularly referenced by others. As the Chair, my role is mainly to facilitate the work of my excellent committee members, organise the meetings for the Committee and contribute towards IUMI’s work on behalf of the Committee.


And what is your day job?

My day job is as the Head of Business and Portfolio Development for Gard. This involves complex client projects, portfolio strategy and broker relationship management.


What advice do you have for newcomers to the marine insurance industry?  

I found the marine insurance industry very collegial. I benefit immensely from the patience and guidance of others as I develop in the industry. So, my advice is “be eager to learn from the experts” and “expand and develop your network”.


What are the most important skills anyone needs to succeed in the marine insurance industry?

Attention to detail for me is the most important. It applies to wording in the slip, the claims stats, and trends in the industry.


What benefits do you get from being associated with IUMI?

The network of IUMI is compelling. I benefit a lot from the knowledge sharing within.


If you could change anything at IUMI, what would it be?

I am impressed with IUMI’s recent development, particularly in education and knowledge sharing. If I could change anything, it would be more investment towards this area especially related to emerging risks.


How did you reach your current position in marine insurance?

My path may be a little different than others. I was trained as an actuary before working in the reinsurance broking industry, from where I got into marine and energy. My training gives me the tools to interrogate figures, and reinsurance knowledge helps me understand the key drivers affecting the M&E underwriting results.


And what do you do away from the office?

I love travelling and food and, more recently, become obsessed with history related podcasts.