Non scholae, sed vitae discimus – the new IUMI Education Forum

By John Miklus, AIMU President and Chairman of the IUMI Education Forum, and Lars Lange, IUMI Secretary General

“We’re not learning for school, but for life!” IUMI is well aware that education is one of the foremost priorities for the future of marine insurance. Only a well-educated, next generation of underwriters and claims managers will be in a position to address the challenges of our markets. Consequently, IUMI launched its education programme in early 2015. The programme has developed quickly and first achievements can already be seen – a much better link to existing national education programmes, the “IUMI database” has started and, not least, our webinars have been an overwhelming success.

Accordingly, the IUMI Executive Committee established, in its spring meeting in May 2016, the new IUMI Education Forum. This Forum shall ensure the development of the programme is tightly connected with the IUMI membership and that it guarantees the programme matches the demands and content needed in the market for education. The Forum will also work on the mid- and longterm planning of the programme, and retain an eye on the financial angle.

The Education Forum, under the chairmanship of AIMU President John Miklus, will hold its first meeting during the IUMI Genova conference in September 2016 and decide on recommendations for future priorities and modules of the IUMI education programme. After having successfully started the IUMI webinars, the Forum will next be considering a number of tutorials for controlled selfstudy online learning.