Underwater inspection of fixed offshore steel structures

By Jean-Pierre Assaker, Marine Surveyor, CL Surveys, IUMI Professional Partner,

Offshore structures are large platforms that provide the necessary facilities and equipment for exploration and production at sea. Generally, these structures are being used in the offshore sector. They are designed to withstand environmental impacts such as waves, currents, wind, earthquakes as well as daily operational forces. Inspection procedures must be performed in an effective way to reduce the risk of fatigue and failure of these structures.

A research paper by CL Surveys discusses international and national codes and regulations concerning the inspections of offshore structures as well as the different types of underwater non-destructive testing inspections that must be carried out at sea. Moreover, this research elaborates on marine growth development, inspection and the cleaning of the underwater offshore structure.

It also provides information on the correct implementation, inspection and monitoring of the corrosion prevention system fitted on these structures. In addition, we have developed a strategy for an effective underwater inspection, allowing for a better understanding of the risk levels during the expected service life of the structure.

Finally, we discuss which risks divers frequently face, the access limitations of the structures and the role of automation in this sector. The purpose of this paper is to identify different inspection and maintenance systems to develop an efficient methodology that will keep fixed offshore structures safely out of dry-dock.

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