New IUMI Professional Partners

IUMI is pleased to announce that two new firms have joined the IUMI Professional Partners (IPP) programme.

Russell Group, is a story-telling data and analytics company which creates solutions that challenge clients to visualise and transform their trading portfolios.  Russell consists of a team of creative, insightful and respected people who deliver connected, forward-looking solutions.

The company’s Managing Director & Founder, Suki Basi, will present on “The impact of Ukraine on the marine (re)insurance market” at the forthcoming IUMI 2022 conference in Chicago.  

On founding Russell, Suki created the claims database for London Market Claims Services, which was then used to help Lloyd’s model its exposures during Reconstruction and Renewal (R&R).

Russell Group has offices in Nottingham and London, UK.


ShipIn, an innovative industry player for connected ships of the future, offers technology platforms and data analytics products which enable better visibility and safety for shipowners and fleet managers by using camera footage. This footage is turned into events and ongoing analytics with the ambition to increase fleets’ productivity, deliver crew safety, and better the global environment. 

In light of ShipIn’s unique skills and offerings, Amit Shalev, VP Business Development and Strategy, has been appointed as a new member of IUMI’s Data and Digitalisation Forum.

ShipIn has offices in Boston and Singapore.