Summary of the 9th Session of the Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments (III 9)

By Lars Lange, IUMI Secretary General

The ninth session of the Sub-Committee on Implementation of International Maritime Organization (IMO) Instruments (III) met from 31 July - 4 August 2023. The III Sub-Committee brings together flag, port and coastal States to consider implementation issues. The Sub-Committee further has a key role in casualty analysis and issuing lessons learned from marine incidents. III receives and analyses port State control data and keeps under review the procedures for port State control. Key issues on the agenda of the Committee’s session included:

Review of the Casualty Investigation Code

The Sub-Committee considered proposals for a holistic and comprehensive review of the Casualty Investigation Code and to amend the Code, including proposals to amend and improve the quality and timeliness of marine safety investigation reports. IUMI was one of the co-sponsors of a document on the reporting of very serious marine casualties and the need for amendments to the Casualty Investigation Code. Following discussion which saw strong support for the proposed review of the Code, the Sub-Committee invited interested Member States and international organizations to submit a proposed new output on a holistic and comprehensive review of the Casualty Investigation Code to the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC).

Casualty analysis

The Sub-Committee considered the report of the Correspondence Group on Analysis of Marine Safety Investigation Reports, containing information based on the analysis of the 27 marine casualties and incidents.  The Sub-Committee approved the text of Lessons Learned [ ] from marine casualties. III highlighted the importance of submitting the Lessons Learned while uploading marine safety investigation reports. 

Preventing the loss of containers at sea

The Sub-Committee considered the proposal developed by the Correspondence Group related to the development of measures to prevent the loss of containers at sea. III agreed to forward the proposal along with analysis to the Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers (CCC) for further consideration, under the CCC agenda item "Development of measures to prevent loss of containers at sea" in its biennial agenda for 2024-2025.

IUMI update on IQARB

IUMI Secretary General Lars Lange gave a lunch time presentation on the International Quality Assessment Review Body (IQARB). The purpose of IQARB is to review the certification process of the quality management systems of IACS members. The session was an opportunity to update the III Sub-Committee on latest developments of the body.