Next stride forward for IUMI Education Programme: Online Cargo Tutorial now live!

By Hendrike Kühl, IUMI Policy Director

We are excited to present IUMI's new online learning cargo tutorial which is tailored specifically for intermediate level cargo underwriters who wish to deepen their knowledge and expertise in cargo insurance. 

The tutorial consists of eleven modules, all set up in an engaging and interactive format: 

1.    Introduction to international trade 
2.    Particular average and sue and labour
3.    General average and salvage
4.    Exclusions
5.    War and strikes
6.    Duration provisions
7.    Claims
8.    Stock throughput
9.    Project cargo
10.    Additional clauses (added by broker or underwriter)
11.    Trade clauses 

The cargo tutorial is available to all interested parties, not only IUMI members. To sign up for the tutorial please visit our shop.

The enrolment fee is EUR 550 (excl. VAT) for IUMI members and EUR 880 (excl. VAT) for non IUMI members. An additional fee of EUR 90 will be charged for students who wish to take the exam and earn an IUMI certificate. Students who pass the exam will be awarded a certificate from IUMI which includes their score. The pass mark for the exam is 70%. Students achieving 90% or higher are awarded a certificate of distinction.

As John Miklus, Chairman of IUMI Education Forum, put it: “The practical tools and training programmes we are now offering will help our niche marine sector to retain and grow its talent. We look forward to welcoming you on this course!”

This webinar recording provides an excellent overview of the content and practicalities of the cargo tutorial.